Poetry – Full Moon Heart Break – Ann Privateer

“…petals falling pink as babies’ toes…”

Full Moon Heart Break

Before my baby came, the plan was one day
own land filled with dogwood trees
igniting the forest with color, petals
falling pink as babies' toes
as white as the diapers I would wash
by hand because a full moon
and comets portend
new life, new blood.
I entered the hospital a girl
and exited a mother
holding my first born son
what fun, a veritable miracle
that changed our lives.
So let’s not celebrate
sickness and dying
in this Pandemic.
Babies' innocence
still coos even though
there is a heart break inferno
on the news each night.
Hearts break without love,
life lived apart from family bliss.
Babies eyes give joy to Mom.
Fire flies silently glow
at home Alone, orderly too.

Ann Privateer is a poet, artist, and photographer. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to Los Angeles, California to attend college. She now resides in Northern California. During this pandemic she meets with other poets on Zoom, paints out of doors with other artists, and her cellphone keeps her camera ready. Some of her work has appeared in Third Wednesday and Entering to name a few.

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