Poetry – Catching Kisses – Tyneisha Ternent

“…feet pattering hard, with her little baby run.”

Catching Kisses

Stuck at home with my little one.
Daycare is closed so I find other ways for us to have fun.
I take her out back and we play in the sun;
her feet pattering hard with her little baby run.
Day 1 was easy and so was 2 to 30.
But after those days I started to worry.
My baby should be with other babies,
exploring and learning;
and I should be working, not feeling like a burden.
But I quickly realized to look at the glass half full.
If I could catch kisses from my little one, in one day I’d have a pocketful.
These precious moments I get with my child
are priceless and for that I smile.
Quarantine with a child can be tough,
but I wouldn’t change a thing, and I’d do it again for my little one, my love.

Tyneisha Ternent, aka Ty the Poetess, is mother to an 18-month-old baby girl, and a spoken-word artist and writer. She grew up in Toronto, Ontario but currently lives in Barrie, Ontario. Writing has always been a passion. She loves writing poetry, prose and songs. This Fall sees the release of her debut poetry book, Bearing Fruit, which explores her first pregnancy experience. View the trailer here.

Connect with Ty on Instagram @tythepoetess or on Facebook where she shares motivational poetry on love, parenthood, family, mental health and self-development.

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