Here you’ll find some tips to help you pen your submission. Although these are aimed at beginners, more experienced writers might find some new ideas! Check back regularly as more resources will be added!

If you haven’t written much before, you might like to start with a real-life story, or Creative Non-Fiction, as you can speak directly about your life experiences.

Fiction might be a good idea for those of you looking in from the outside, or for tired parents searching for something fantastical.

Poetry, on the other hand, can include either fictional or non-fictional elements, whether you’re imagining a character or reflecting on your experience, if you like to focus on the minutiae, this might be for you…

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Resource – Fiction – an introduction

Fiction up to 500 words is considered ‘micro fiction’ or ‘flash fiction’. Rather than conveying a rigid beginning, middle and end, fiction of this length usually tries to capture a glimpse of a story. This doesn’t mean that you have to relinquish conflict, suspense or plot! Here are some interesting links to get you started: […]

Resource – Creative Non-Fiction – an introduction

Some people aren’t sure what is meant by creative non-fiction, or CNF, but it’s really simple! It’s anything that is NOT made-up! If it’s real-life, and you write about it creatively, then it’s CNF. This includes personal essays and memoirs, biographies, blogs, reviews, magazine or newspaper articles. Topics are as broad as life itself. Think […]

Resource – Poetry – an introduction

The rules and restrictions of formal poetry can feel overwhelming to beginning (and experienced) writers – check out the villanelle or the sestina if you’re up for some code cracking! If you’re new to writing poems, I recommend not worrying about formal structure to begin with, as this can be overwhelming and take the fun […]

Resource – ‘Super Hero Baby’ Activity

Need a new lockdown activity for the kids? English home-schooling? Read on for a fun exercise that’s outta this world… There are enough challenges to deal with in lockdown, but imagine if you had a new baby to look after as well! Now, imagine that baby had super powers… What measures would you have to […]