Resource – Fiction – an introduction

Fiction up to 500 words is considered ‘micro fiction’ or ‘flash fiction’. Rather than conveying a rigid beginning, middle and end, fiction of this length usually tries to capture a glimpse of a story. This doesn’t mean that you have to relinquish conflict, suspense or plot! Here are some interesting links to get you started:

National Flash Fiction Day – information on the form and suggestions for which writers to check out.

Flash Fiction Online – examples to read for inspiration.

Writers and Artists – some advice on writing from experienced authors.

For your submission to lockdownbabybabble, you could delve into fantasy with magic babies operating a portal to another world. Science fiction, with robot babies that can communicate across the distance. Or magical realism, with a baby born walking and talking, but in your story-realm that’s totally normal…

You may prefer to explore the remit of ‘babies in lockdown’ through realism or drama – perhaps imagining what it could be like to have twins in lockdown, how a parent might navigate shared custody, or what it’s like to find out you’re pregnant.

Whatever your style, here are some writing prompts to try:

  1. Superhero babies, discuss.
  2. “Darling, have you seen the baby? He’s not on the changing mat…”
  3. Run out of nappies? Get creative
  4. Immunisations – the excitement! An outing!
  5. A first-time parent’s first bath-time…
  6. Sleep? What’s that? – a zombie’s monologue

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