Poetry – Long-distance Care – Sue Borgersen

Illustration by the fantastic @LifeofHedge

Long-distance Care

She blows kisses from her wheelchair in the care home garden
surrounded by flowers and smiling faces

Does she know I care?

It’s cupcake day with jolly ladies in the care home 
I watch her swallow and swallow with her

Does she know I care?

She sings along at the singalong with Vera Lynn
Look - she knows all the words but not who I am

I hope she knows I care

I see the tired caring faces of those who give her what I cannot
And send them treats from Betty’s of York

Because I care.

Internationally published, S.B. Borgersen writes, knits socks, and walks her dogs on the shores of Nova Scotia, Canada. Her favoured genres are short and micro fiction, and poetry. She is a longstanding member of the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia and an enthusiastic member of the international online writing group for expats, Writers Abroad. Sue’s e-novella Fishermen’s Fingers, along with her collection of 150 micro fictions, While the Kettle Boils, will be published by Unsolicited Press in fall 2020 and early 2021 respectively. Her collected poems, Of Daisies and Dead Violins will be published later in 2021. For the full list of her publications: www.sueborgersen.com 

Follow Sue on Twitter: @sueborgersen and on Facebook

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