Poetry – These Days – Adebisi Amori

Illustration by the amazing @LifeOfHedge

These Days

I've always known silence,
But these days, it's therapy.
It's sanity.

I stare at screens;
and TVs.
The words burn my vision,
and they echo non stop in my ears.
They're etched in my memory,
and the more I consume,
the weaker I get.
The bleaker life seems to become too.

I'm tired. Overwhelmed,
and this, I confess to a friend.
I haven't stepped out to the outside world,
but it's like the world is in my house,
and they exist on the screens,
in the words I read 
and the things I watch,
and it's not pretty.

It feels like I'm losing it
and I need a break.
So I detach.
I go off.
I disappear from the cyber world,
I back off from all the noise,
for it is slowly becoming all I know.

I read books and write down my feelings.
I pray and walk around the house
listening to the birds chirp.
Sometimes, I listen to music, 
think about the good old days,
and the ones there'll be in the future.
Some days are not that pretty,
as all I do is lie in bed.
Sometimes rant, sometimes cry.
But it's all therapy.

This silence is safety.
And peace. 
And sanity.

Adebisi Amori is a writer from Ibadan, Nigeria. A lover of words in all forms, she can be found either reading, writing, listening to music or geeking out most of the time. Follow her on Instagram: @thereal_adebisi or Tumblr: coloursintherain.tumblr.com

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