Call for submissions – Remember the Rainbows

Remember the rainbows?



Crystal Stanley, of Ipswich, said she set up the Rainbow Trail Facebook page after seeing “something similar” on social media from Italy.

More than 182,000 members from around the world have since joined her group.

Miss Stanley, 31, said the rainbows were a sign of “positivity, hope and togetherness” during the crisis.

The Rainbow trend, which began in March 2020, captured the entire nation. Here are some incredible examples:

Submission Guidelines

In recognition of this trend and to explore what it meant for everyone, we are seeking special submissions on rainbows!

Poets, we challenge you to follow an acrostic format with each line beginning with the letters spelling out “RAINBOW”. We still accept poems of other forms, however we hope to see some clever use of layout and space. 3 poems max. No more than 30 lines per poem.

Fiction / non-fiction writers, we invite you to start your first seven sentences with each letter from the word “RAINBOW”. But again, this is not a requirement. We hope to see some clever use of metaphor and colour placement in your stories. 2000 max. word count.

Send submissions to:

Whatever your genre, we are always looking for strong and vivid imagery, use of language features such as simile, metaphor, personification, alliteration, etc. For a decent list, and to experiment with some new ones, see this Poetic Glossary of Terms. (‘Poetic’ features apply to fiction and non-fiction as well!!)

All pieces must also reference lockdown or the pandemic in some way.

All acceptances will be offered a bespoke illustration by one of our artists. You may request to work with the artist to discuss your illustration, if you wish.

It is free to submit, however, we can only publish a maximum of 20 pieces.

These will appear in a special edition of BabyBabble – our first to be published as a downloadable PDF complete with original artwork and writer spotlights.

There will be a public vote to decide the top 3 favourites, and those writers will receive a beautiful framed print of their unique illustration.


The total lifting of social restrictions in the UK is due to happen on 21st June. Since we’re all going to be out enjoying the world after that, we’d like to start reading your submissions before then!

First Stage – submit by end 31st May and benefit from a fast turnaround (3 days ish). You will either progress through to the second stage, or have the chance to edit your piece and resubmit.

Second Stage – deadline is midnight on 20th June (has to be!)

DEADLINE EXTENDED! As lockdown has been pushed back in the UK, we thought it only fair that we extend our deadline.

You now have until WEDNESDAY 30 JUNE!

Decisions will be sent out by 10 July.

We hope to publish the special edition by end August and then we’ll open the public vote.

The top 3 pieces will be decided by our readers and voting will last a month or so. The winners will then receive their framed prints in the post! (Hopefully before Christmas!!)

All deadlines are arrangements are subject to change at BabyBabble’s discretion. Where possible, we will work with writers to get their piece published. If your piece is not chosen for the special edition, it will automatically be considered for publication on Babble, our online magazine.


We can’t wait to read your submissions!

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