Poetry – Motherhood Magic – Laura Pearson

I collected moments of laughter and joy…”

Illustration by on_the-Boyle

Motherhood Magic

My fence is not painted.
My garden not renovated.
I did not have a skip delivered to my driveway
to be filled with dusty, long-hoarded possessions,
now dispossessed from garage, cupboards, drawers.

I have not cleared out my wardrobe.
I have not worked through a to-do list.
I have not queued at DIY stores
with a shopping list of bits
and pieces needed to complete the odd jobs
to make my house look a bit more

I am not now fluent in a foreign language.
I am not a self-professed Bake Off contender
or the author of the next best-selling debut thriller.
I did not run a marathon in my back garden
or around the streets dressed in a superhero cape,
raising spirits, smiles and money.

No, my lockdown has been far less sedate. 

I have been a forest explorer, builder of campfires, fighter of trolls,
fearless follower of footprints - tracking giants,
stealer of treasure from a mucky pirate crew,
painter of rocks, painter of rainbows, painter of murals on garden walls.

I was a dispenser of cuddles, kisses, snacks and dry pants.
I was a tickle monster, a kissing monster, a fire-breathing dragon.
I was a baddie, a goodie, a sidekick, a superhero’s dog.
I was the remote control controller, wiper of tears,
cleaner of scraped knees, Magic cream applier.
I collected moments of laughter and joy, frustration and fears.

I was “go on” and “try again” and “I know you can”
and I was a heart bursting with pride
watching my boy flourish and grow
in the biggest challenge we have ever known.

I spent my lockdown falling deeper in love 
than I ever thought possible.
I spent my lockdown being a Mother.

Laura Pearson is currently a stay-at-home mum who lives with her husband, toddler, newborn baby and dog in Fife, Scotland. Laura enjoys writing poetry and fictional short stories. She writes for her own pleasure and expression mainly about motherhood, baby loss, spirituality and relationships, but is also heavily inspired by nature.

She recently had her first experience of published work – with a non fictional reflection on baby loss included in So Hormonal

Connect with Laura on Twitter at laurapearson77

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