Poetry – Match Postponed (Home Win) – Steve O’Donoghue

Illustration by the amazing @LifeofHedge

This poem was written on 28 April, the day of the NHS minute’s silence. I work in radiology and had been on ICU that day to x-ray Covid-19 patients.

On my break I was reading about the Premier League trying to get the season going again. It was a very emotional time, I do like football, I coach a children’s team and I’ve written a book about it.

But after such an emotional day, I was at complete odds with the money and greed of the footballing world, the idiots that were refusing to stay at home and the memories of those patients earlier in the day. These words just spilled out…

Match Postponed (Home Win)

I’m not missing the Premier League
Life means more than football
Lost moments when I’m on my own
When no-one sees the tears fall.

Today we had a moment’s pause
A minute to remember
Then silence turned into applause
For those whose lives surrendered.

So when the final whistle blows
And dark days all surmounted
Lest we forget the battles fought
And the goals that really counted.

Steve O’Donoghue is from Greater Manchester. He works in Radiology, is an author and also a songwriter. His book Junior Football it’s not a man’s game was released in 2017 and he has released two albums ‘Martha’ and  ‘The Night I Murdered Love’ through German record label Firestation.

He has recently started writing poetry and ‘Match Postponed (Home Win) is his first.

Contact Steve via Facebook, or his website: www.stevesbook.co.uk

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